AGV System

Reliable, efficient, flexible and intelligent

Techvico collaborates with leading partners in the robotics developers to provide manufacturing and warehousing providers a break-through intra-logistics solution.

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Why choose our AGVs?

High Efficiency

the AGV scheduling system realizes the most optimal path without collision. Can self-learning ability and continuously improve the working efficiency

High Flexiblity

Achieve flexible orientation and position recognition with the ability to coordinate with different processing devices.

Safe and Reliable

Can be equipped with a variety of sound and light warning systems, which can automatically stop before colliding with obstacles.

Automatic Charging

Automatically distributes charging robots to match and attach to the charging poles.

Diverse to suit your demand

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Our Features


When first running your vehicle, our system builds a 2D Map of the environment. Our custom algorithms optimizes the map to allow users to easily locate your vehicle in the environment.


Able to localize your vehicle in an indoor environment to up to ± 1 cm/± 1°. The position data is provided via an API to allow users to control the AGV autonomously.


Users are able to use our software system via a web page. Software features include: Map visualization and creation,  as well as real time device monitoring.

Vietnam's First Localization System.

Tvc Position is a Lidar-based positioning system for mobile robots, powered by Tvc sensor fusion technology. With centimeter accuracy, easy configuration, and confidence estimation, Tech LOC is the best performing localization platform for vehicle producers and operators.


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