AMR ROBOT - towing robot


Automated robots AMR / AGV are widely applied in industries for the purpose of improving labor productivity as well as ensuring the safety of goods that transform people. For goods with heavy loads, factories often use towing robots to assist in process transformation.



Mechanical industry, automobile manufacturing, food processing, logistics,…


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What is a towing robot?

The towing robot or towing AGV is a multi-functional AGV, capable of transporting goods, finished products and materials from several hundred to several tons within the factory. The towing AGV performs the work of pulling boxes and trays of goods automatically according to the pre-programmed path.

With the ability to tow heavy objects, the towing AGV is widely applied in fields such as automobile manufacturing, mechanical industry, … for material transportation stages during working process. and some other optional applications.

Towing robots are often used to transport chassis and spare parts in the car assembly process; transportation of containers, sacks in the food processing industry.

Outstanding features of the robot towing goods

Optimum load capacity

The towing AGV has a capacity of 1.5 (nearly 3,300 lbs) up to 20 tons (44,000 lbs) depending on the robot configuration.

Exceptional speed

The top speed of a standard towing robot is 60m/min (195 ft/min – 1570 inch/min) and can go up to 240m/min.

Benefits of using Robot towing goods

Cost savings

The towing AGV is capable of transporting goods with large loads and different sizes automatically without human intervention. This helps businesses save maximum labor costs.

Absolutely safe

With precise and safe operation, equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles, the towing AGV can provide maximum protection for the goods being transported and the workers in the production area.

The towing AGV can operate in all environmental conditions, greatly reducing risks and accidents.

Improve labor productivity

The towing AGV can operate continuously with high accuracy, helping to ensure the transportation process without errors or loss of goods.


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