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In any manufacturing industry, detecting defective products is always a matter of urgency. With the purpose of improving the quality of the output products as well as the reputation of the business, the bond inspection machine was born.


Mechanical industry, automobile manufacturing, electronic components,…


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What is appearance testing machine?

The appearance testing machine is one of the necessary equipment in the automatic production and assembly processes in factories for the purpose of accurately checking the quality of output products. Camera system to check product appearance works on the principle of comparison with standard sample images. Thereby, the visual inspection machine will identify assembly errors through the camera and image processing software, and then analyze the images to detect bond errors quickly and eliminate them.

By product appearance inspection technology, the machine can check bearings, check gloss, surface roughness, compare with samples and detect defective products.


  • Mechanical part and control device assembly, information display
  • Optical system support
  • Smart camera processes and analyzes bonded images
  • Software to monitor, report, analyze product quality in real time

Main Functions

  • Template comparison: The test system automatically compares the obtained image with the pre-programmed sample image.
  • Fault detection: Automated optical inspection systems are often introduced into the production line immediately after the welding process to detect defective products early.
  • Product classification: The visual inspection machine can detect defective or missing components and parts and classify product defects.
  • Surface inspection: The inspection machine is used to check the smoothness and surface and other defects.

Outstanding advantages

  • Capable of handling and removing defective products quickly with defective product detection rate up to 60000 – 80000 products/hour
  • Easily customize the system to your plant’s requirements and operating conditions
  • Easy to replace, switch between models
  • Easy to observe and control

Benefits of using appearance testing machine

  • Helps to check and detect errors that cannot be checked manually
  • Improve the output quality of products with high accuracy
  • Save labor cost and time

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