Automated storage and retrieval system AS/RS

Automated storage and retrieval system AS/RS

Hệ thống ASRS Truy xuất tự động-13
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Hệ thống ASRS Truy xuất tự động-13 Hệ thống ASRS Truy xuất tự động-14 Hệ thống ASRS Truy xuất tự động-15

ASRS System

AS/RS is an intelligent automatic storage that is applied a lot in the logistics and transportation activities of enterprises today.





Unit-Load AS / RS

Mini-Load AS / RS


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Understanding the AS/RS system

First of all, AS RS stands for Automated Storage & Retrieval System. This phrase translates to mean: “Automatic storage and retrieval system”. This means that smart warehouses allow goods to be stored, organized, and can be found quickly when needed.

Currently, AS/RS is the most modern technology used in warehouses, creating a fully automated smart warehouse.

How an AS/RS warehouse works

The main structure of a pallet warehouse includes: 
  • Racking system with a solid multi-store structure
  • Where goods (which are palletized products) can be stored in each cell small. Each cell is assigned an ID that stores the necessary information on the system, the status of row or empty is always updated in real time.
How an AS/RS warehouse works:

When a pallet is warehoused, the system will manage all information related to that pallet through identifiers → The system automatically calculates and gives a storage location. warehouse into the box with the appropriate ID for the package based on the criteria of size, weight, sorting area (which has been scripted in advance).

The warehouse management system also calculates the closest path from the incoming goods to the storage location to save time and energy. When leaving the warehouse, the system also automatically locates that pallet through this code and takes the goods out in the fastest way.

Of course, the fast or slow delivery of goods depends on the size of the warehouse, the capacity of systems and equipment for handling, loading/unloading (cranes, industrial conveyors, shuttles, robots, protective fences …) But compared to traditional warehouses, this smart warehouse solution brings completely outstanding efficiency.

These activities are operated based on the intelligent operation and connection of roller conveyors, 90 degree curved conveyors, sorting systems, crane/lifting cranes, shuttle vans, industrial robots, barcode reading systems…

Not only does the import and export of goods optimize and automate, the AS/RS warehouse system also has features to manage product expiry dates and provide Notify the manager, handle the shipment plan.

Smart warehouse AS/RS is very suitable for logistics units or factory warehouses who want to reduce labor costs and control warehouses intelligently and accurately.


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