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Automated lines integrated with equipment, industrial robots are gradually being used commonly in manufacturing industries, helping to speed up production progress but also ensure safety and accuracy.



Robotic arm capable of assembly in assembly lines Mechanical industry, electronic components, automobile manufacturing


Car and motorcycle assembly line

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What is Assembly Line and Assembly Robot?

Assembly line is a process of manufacturing goods according to pre-programmed steps including transport equipment, equipment, robots, industrial machinery. Assembly lines are widely used in the mass production of similar products.

Assembly robots are robotic arms capable of operating automatically (semi-automatically) according to a predetermined program in the production process, in order to assemble parts and details to move to the next stages.

Application area of assembly robots in the manufacturing industry

Electronic and mechanical components industry

Most assembly robots are used in the electronic components industry because the products require high precision and engineering.

Robots plugging electronic components can easily perform operations that require high accuracy and compactness such as plugging in electronic components’ pins, plugging electronic components onto PCB boards,… A robot will take on a role for a different type of component in the process to maximize productivity.

Robots assembling electronic and mechanical components work with a feeding system that brings components and details to pre-programmed positions.

Automobile manufacturing industry

For bulky products with large tonnage such as cars, the use of assembly robots is indispensable. Assembly robots have the ability to operate flexibly, complete details (mainly welding parts) to bring to the following stages quickly.

Advantages of using assembly robots

  • Improve automation for production processes, maximize production productivity
  • Flexible, safe operation, easy to program and install
  • Replacing people to do heavy, hazardous, or demanding jobs with very high accuracy
  • Ensure safety for workers and goods
  • Ensure accuracy and uniformity, improve the quality of output products
  • Easily monitor and monitor via integrated software

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