Automated Storage

pallet shuttle

Automated Storage

pallet shuttle

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Pallet Shuttle

Using automated storage system Pallet Shuttle is a highly effective solution for storage that saves cost and time for the current warehouse



Logistics; Food and Beverage Production


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What is Pallet Shuttle Automated Storage?

Pallet Shuttle is a pallet storage solution that uses self-powered shuttles that operate independently to move pallets in rack.

Designed for high-density cargo storage, this solution enables continuous automatic loading and unloading of pallets using a remote control system.

Unit loads are either placed in the first available location until the racks are fully loaded, or taken from their storage location and moved to the front to be ready to be picked up by the forklift truck, until the rack is loaded. completely unloaded.

The Pallet Shuttle system allows warehouse operations through both FIFO (First In – First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out) management suitable for cold storage, food and beverage production and meat processing.

Outstanding advantages automatic pallet storage Pallet Shuttle

  • Pallet shuttle system is a high-density storage system combined with racks and forklifts. It provides a large storage with efficient use of space.
  • It allows storing different reference numbers for each module.
  • More efficient loading and unloading system ensures high accuracy.
  • Save time unloading pallets.
  • Less damage to the racking equipment because the forklift does not access the racking equipment.
  • Suitable for different pallet sizes.
  • Low temperature warehouse storage.

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