Automobile wheel hub inspection

Machine vision is applied for wheel hub detection. Through image analysis, it can realize the measurement of the feature size of the hub, the outline of the shape of the hub, and the acquisition of position coordinates, etc., so that it can identify a variety of automobile hubs of different styles and models on the assembly line.

Specific testing requirements:

  • Different types of hubs on the assembly line are distinguished, the number of hubs is about 30
  • Output corresponding I/O signal according to different hub types
  • Statistics of the number of all different models
  • Saving relevant inspection pictures

Compared to conventional sensors, the advantages of Machine Vision are:

  • Non-contact detection –  Without any influence on the wheel hub itself
  • Convenient debugging and maintenance – Parameter setting and program switching can be carried out very quickly for different products
  • Intuitive Interface – User can directly obtain test pictures, test results and statistical data.
  • Convenient for interface interconnection and data exchange with third-party equipment. – Vision system provides I/O signals, RS232 serial communication and Ethernet communication. Supports a variety of popular communication interface protocols in the industry.
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