Character Detection of Medicine Bottle Label

Project Challenges

Due to the particular use of pharmaceutical labels, the surface printing quality of pharmaceutical labels has to some extent stricter testing requirements than other daily necessities and electronic labels.

  • The detection accuracy of the key area of the label is high, and the traditional visual inspection cannot segment the image of the characters with adhesion
  • Due to the large batch of products, the efficiency of traditional visual inspection cannot be guaranteed
  • Traditional visual inspection system cannot improve the detection rate
The Solution

Based on the technical difficulties of traditional vision solutions, our solution provides customers with an optimized solution for drug bottle label detection. 


The solution uses a MV-EM series CCD camera with an 8mm mega-focus lens and the VisionBank intelligent vision software , 

The Solution
  • High-speed inspection

An average of 600 medicine bottles can be inspected per minute under high-speed operation


  • Improved detection rate

In the inspection station, the bottle can be detected correctly no matter how it rotates. The false detection rate is less than 3%, and the character recognition rate is 99.9%


  • Real-time monitoring

Real-time display of detection content, data and statistical content


  • Long-distance multi-station detection

The maximum station distance is up to 20m, suitable for simultaneous detection of multiple stations


  • Software is easy to operate

Automated inspection process, rapid establishment of product inspection standard templates, and comparison inspection to eliminate defective products

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