Cobot for Machine Tending

Industrial Machine Tending Cobot

The development of technology leads to the trend of applying automation in production processes to improve productivity as well as product quality. The feeding cobot is designed to improve labor capacity and save time for businesses

Product description


Robotic arm capable of automatic billet feeding
Mechanical industry, metal processing, machine manufacturing, electricity, electronics, furniture, construction components, automobiles, motorcycles, iron and steel

Product types

Cobot feeds CNC machined workpieces

Cobot feeds and cleans workpieces


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What is Cobot Feeding?

The bar feeder or Cobot is used for metal processing, used for CNC machines, presses, stamping machines, milling machines, grinding machines, broaching machines, metalworking machines,… capable of dismantled assembly and feeding of workpieces in the processing line.

Outstanding advantages of Automatic bar feeder

The cobot feeding has many advantages to be able to improve productivity and ensure the accuracy of time as well as the quality set forth by the business:

Quick Installation

The feeder cobot only needs to be installed and set up in a few hours. Besides, operators can program programs to run more easily than ever.

Flexible Operation

Feeding Cobots are not limited when programmed to do tasks. With built-in software and 3D visualization, users can easily manipulate and monitor the cobot’s billet feeding process.

In addition, because the bar feeder is compact and space-saving, it can be moved flexibly without changing the structure of the production space. Besides, the tool head can be easily changed to fit different types of products.

Làm việc chính xác

The bar feeder is capable of operating accurately in both space and time according to pre-programmed programs, ensuring timely production.

Benefits of using a feeding cobot in the production process

Guaranteed safety

Cobot feeding embryos will replace humans to do heavy work, ensuring safety and minimizing risks for both workers and products.

Increase labor productivity

The cobot contributes to promoting automation in the production process. With the ability to work throughout, the bar feeder contributes to increasing labor productivity and improving output for businesses. 

Improve product quality

Thanks to the precise operation according to the pre-programmed program, the output product quality will also be more uniform and consistent. 

High economic efficiency

Using Cobot to supply embryos will reduce labor costs for businesses, save time and labor. Cobot can payback quickly, bringing high economic efficiency.


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