Details of automatic bar feeder structure

The development of technology leads to the trend of applying automation in production processes to improve productivity as well as product quality. The application of automatic bar feeders in the production process contributes to improving labor capacity, saving maximum time for businesses. 

So how is the automatic bar feeder structured and how does it bring value to the business? Let’s find out with Techvico right in the article below.

What is an automatic bar feeder?

Automatic bar feeder for metal processing, used for CNC machines, presses, stamping machines, milling machines, grinding machines, broaching machines, metalworking machines,… automatic dismantling and feeding of workpieces in the processing line. 

Automatic bar feeders are applied in many different industries, such as: mechanical engineering, metalworking, machine building, electricity, electronics, furniture, construction components, automobiles, motorcycles, iron. Steel,…

Automatic bar feeders are used to position and orient a wide range of parts such as: bearings, buttons, IC chips, capacitors, electronic components, heads. electrical connections and connector housings, pressed metal parts, screws, bolts, caps, rivets, screws, springs,… 

Structure of automatic billet feeding system 

  • Dimensions: 2000 – 6000(L) x 1000 – 3000(W) x 1000 – 3000(H) (mm) (depending on customer needs 
  • Operating height: 800 – 1500 mm from the floor.
  • Engine: Deceleration 3 phase, 200V, 50Hz
  • Control power: DC 24V
  • Cycle time: Lathe processing time 1 to 3 products/minute
  • Requires gas source: 0.4 – 0.6 Mpa.
  • Other details on request: Tracing device, locating and clamping the workpiece on the jig, JIG.

Why should manufacturers choose an automatic bar feeder?

The bar feeder has many advantages to improve productivity and ensure the accuracy of time as well as the quality set by the business:

Quick installation

The automatic bar feeder only needs to be installed and set up in a few hours. Besides, operators can run programs more easily than ever.

Flexible operation

The bar feeder is not limited when it is programmed to do the job. With built-in software and 3D visualization, users can easily manipulate and monitor the cobot’s billet feeding process. 

In addition, because the bar feeder is compact and space-saving, it can be moved flexibly without changing the structure of the production space. Besides, the tool head can be easily changed to fit different types of products. 

Improve Labor productivity and product quality

The bar feeder is capable of operating accurately in both space and time according to pre-programmed programs, ensuring timely production. Accordingly, the output product quality will also be more uniform and consistent. 


Through this, hopes that readers can better understand the structure and benefits that barn feeding robots bring to the automatic production process. To learn more about automatic bar feeders and other industrial automation solutions, visit Here, you will be consulted about solutions as well as system installation. Techvico is proud to be the leading supplier of industrial automation solutions in Vietnam, ready to bring to your factory the best products. 

Thanks for reading!

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