Robotic Arm for Auto Manufacturing System
IOT Performance Tracking System
Manufacturing Execution System
AMR Transporting Materials for Manufacturing

End To End Solution

We specialize in tailor made manufacturing automation solutions, integrating products, engineering services into one solution to fit your business needs. Our experts and engineers are knowledgeable in various industries, providing you the best solutions to optimize your plant operations.


Our experts work closely with you to inspect your pain points through interviews and data collection.
We define critical success factors with you to achieve your business needs and objectives.


Our team of engineers will design the system architecture to ensure flawless communication between various hardware and software systems.


We select the best in class vendor and suppliers who meet industry standard qualifications, providing optimum performance and greater lifetime value.


We work with professional technicians to install and integrate the full system in your plant.
Stringent project management and quality assurance measures are taken to meet safety and quality standards.

After Service

Following production testing and qualification, we provide best in class operator training, startup assistance and after service maintenance.

An overview

The Automation Pyramid

Sensors, machinery, control systems and management software are integrated and work together to form the entire automation pipeline. Automation systems present informative decision making data to allow enterprises to optimize their production processes. Higher level automation allows for reduced manual labor, increased production precision and overall increased efficiency. 


Oversees overall performance of a company.


Monitors entire manufacturing process in a plant/factory.


Monitor and control multiple systems from a single location.

PLCs & PIDs.

Take information from sensors and switches to decide the output

Electric motors, sensors, motors, switches etc.

Does the physical work in monitoring.

An overview

Products & Solutions

We provide a wide range of products and solutions to cover the entire umbrella of industrial automation in various industries. 




Robotic Arm

Machine Vision

Manufacturing Execution System


IOT Performance Tracking System

IOT Tracking System



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