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Collaborative robot (or Cobot) is a type of robot built to work with humans in the same space, widely applied in industrial production because of its safety and accuracy. labor.



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Grinding robot

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What is grinding robot, polishing robot?

Labor scarcity in the mechanical industry is common due to the highly meticulous nature of the work and the harsh working environment.

Therefore, Robot grinding or polishing robot was born and widely used in industries to perfect the surfaces of details, parts, products or prepare for later processes such as roughening before spraying paint. , plating,…

For the grinding and polishing robot system to work properly, it is necessary to ensure:

  • The tool must be perpendicular to the surface
  • Stable movement speed
  • The pressure is stable and according to the existing pattern

In addition, before applying into production, the robot will be tested and thoroughly checked by experts and engineers.

Outstanding features

The grinding robot is designed with many outstanding advantages to bring high efficiency in production as follows:

  • Quick installation, easy operation
  • Intuitive interface, easy to program operating programs
  • Automatic grinding and polishing
  • Optimize tasks, suitable for repetitive operations and still ensure product quality
  • Stable and smooth operation, ensuring continuity in production
  • Long life, low cost of maintenance and maintenance

Why should you use a collaborative robot for grinding and polishing?

Through the above characteristics, Robot grinding or polishing robot brings effective benefits to the manufacturing industry such as:

  • Replace people working in hazardous, dangerous, and accident-prone environments such as extreme temperatures, toxic chemicals, flammable and explosive materials, bulky goods, etc.
  • Ensure safety for workers and products
  • Save time, maximize labor productivity with the ability to work throughout
  • Can be installed in tight spaces, optimizing production space
  • Reduce operating costs for manufacturing businesses
  • Ensure uniform and standard output product quality

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