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Picker Robot - Pick n Place

The application of robots in production is increasingly popular thanks to their ability to move, operate quickly and accurately. Using robots to pick up goods in automatic production lines ensures high efficiency for businesses.



Food and beverage processing industry, consumer goods, pharmaceutical – medical, electronics, Intralogistic, building materials


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What is picker Robot?

Picker Robot or Robot Pick is an automated solution in the process of transporting parts, parts or products to different stages in the production process.

Picking and placing products is repeated in stages, so it is not necessary to use labor to do this, so manufacturing plants have used product grabbers that are operated according to program available.

Applications of Picker Robots

Assembly stage

During the assembly process, the robot will use the product grabber to pick up parts and components from this conveyor and place them on another processing part. After finishing, the picker robot moves the finished product to other stages, and so on.

Packing stage

Similar to the assembly process, instead of picking up parts, Robot Pick will pick up products and place them in containers.

The process of selecting crates

Thanks to high-tech sensing capabilities, the robot can take parts and products out of the box even if there are many products in the box, then put them on the conveyor to perform the next steps.

Inspection stage

Thanks to the integrated product inspection system (Vision system), the Picker Robot is capable of tracking products on the conveyor belt, detecting and removing defective products.

Benefits of using Robot Picking in an automatic production line

  • The ability to automate in performing repetitive operations quickly, accurately and stably.
  • Quick installation, easy programming of the robot arm in many applications, suitable for many different requirements in the production process.
  • Ensure safety, reduce risks for workers and goods.
  • Save labor cost and time.
  • Improve productivity with continuous operation.
  • Easy to operate and monitor through the built-in software system.

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