High-gloss product defect detection


High-gloss materials are frequently used in product design for its appealing aesthetics. In this case study we take a look at  mobile phone logos, and the challenges with defect inspection on these surfaces.

Project Challenges

Reflection problem: Surface of the material is smooth with a high gloss surface. The reflection of the surface has a strong contrast to its counterparts. This contrast will cause impurities, scratches, and grinding to be invisible on the surface. Therefore, defects are hard to detect. 


Shadowing problem: Since the surface of the material is reflective, light beams from the light source will form a reflection on the surface of the material when using ordinary lenses. This reflection will be imaged on the final inspection screen, which will affect the imaging effect of the material surface, causing defects to go undetected. 


The Solution

Telecentric lens + BT series parallel coaxial light detection effect diagram

BT series telecentric lens with coaxial illumination imaging system 

High precision detection captures high grayscale contrast images, which greatly reduces difficulty of image algorithm in later stage.


Reflection problem: Solved with Telecentric Lens to reduce formation of reflection and shadowing in captured image. 


Product Used: BT-2348, BT-CP64/X parallel coaxial light

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