LCD screen “point defect” electrical testing

LCD screens are mainly composed of filters, polarizers, glass, and cold cathode fluorescent lamps. “Point defects” are irreparable pixels on the LCD panel. In addition to man-made damage, they are mostly caused by bright spots during the production process. The internal reflector of the screen is compressed by external force or slightly deformed by heat.


Common point defects in LCD screens can be divided into three types: dead pixels, bright dots and dark dots.


Dead pixels: Pure black dots under a white screen or pure white dots under a black screen. R, G, and B sub-pixels of the pixel which are damaged results in dead pixels.

Bright Spots: The R, G, and B (red, green, and blue) points presented in the case of a black screen are called bright spots.

Dark spots: The color spots that are not pure R, G, and B are called dark spots in the case of a white screen.

Dark Dots

Bright Dots

Dead pixels, dark dots & bright dots.

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