Medical mask detection case application

In the challenging times of a global pandemic, the supply of medical masks is in shortage. This has caused various enterprises to keep up with production to meet demands. However, product quality is something that cannot be sacrificed. In the traditional production line for face masks, quality control is mainly achieved by human labor. There are many types of defects that need to be screened while human labor results in low efficiency, causing production demand to not be met in time.  


Our solution has been useful in tackling this issue, the results and various scenarios are as follows:

1. Hair detection on the front and back of the mask

During the production process of masks, particles in the air, such as hair, tend to stick to the mask. Our solution can accurately identify any foreign particles with detection accuracy up to 0.05mm.

2. Detection of dirt and insects on the front and back of the mask

Insects are often another intrusive object that tends to get on the front and back of the mask. Our solution can accurately identify dots, irregular black spots, and dirt, with a recognition accuracy of 0.02mm².

3. Mask size measurement

Length and width of masks have strict size requirements. Our solution adopts high-resolution industrial cameras and measures the size of masks with an accuracy of ±0.5mm.

4. Earband length measurement

Masks ear straps have a fixed, designated length.  Our solution measures the accuracy of mask earband up to ±0.5mm.

5. Mask row detection

We can accurately detect the number, size, and presence of the “teeth” of the mask.

Our Solution Deployed in Mask production Factory. 

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