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More and more businesses choose to install smart warehouses to optimize storage and transportation processes. For light cargo, the Miniload AS/RS is an ever more efficient and economical choice.



Electronic components industry, medical equipment, e-commerce, distribution center, postal,…


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What is Miniload?

Automated warehouse for light duty boxes or Miniload AS/RS is a storage system Dense storage with compact structure. Miniload system is used exclusively for storing and moving small products and parts. The Miniload system allows for the selection of items in plastic or metal boxes and cartons.

Miniload automatic storage system consists of plastic boxes or trays, racks, automatic loading/unloading robot, conveyor and WMS warehouse management software system. The interior includes one or more aisles with racks and robots to automatically take goods from the storage shelves to the loading conveyors for transportation to the workers.

Outstanding Features

Easy Installation

Easy to install as many storage compartments as required to serve different cargo classifications. In addition, Miniload is also capable of operating in all environmental conditions such as cold storage in the food processing industry.

The ability to streamline

The warehouse system allows optimizing storage space, capable of storing goods with high density.

In addition, the system also has an automatic arrangement feature, helping to quickly pick up and deliver goods to the operator.

Convenient management

Thanks to the integration with the VMS warehouse management software system, users can easily manage and monitor the quantity of goods, information about the time of import and export goods in real time. 

High productivity

Miniload AS/RS automatic warehouse provides high efficiency in the import and export process.

Benefits of using the Miniload AS/RS automatic warehouse system

Safety Safe

operating procedures help limit risks, protect personnel and goods in storage. In addition, the real-time management of goods can ensure that goods are not lost during the import and export process. 


Miniload system helps to save maximum installation space, import and export time and operating costs. 

Improve productivity

Using Miniload storage system will shorten order processing time, and also have high storage capacity to improve operational productivity


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