Industrial painting is no longer a concern about safety or skill requirements when using a painting robot. Applications of paint spraying robots have been serving a lot of industries.labour.



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Learn about industrial painting robots - Automatic powder coating line

Industrial painting robot is a device in automatic powder coating spraying line. Paint robot is used as the name implies – to paint many materials (wood, metal, plastic,…) and complex surfaces.

The paint robot arm can move flexibly attached to the paint sprayer, operating by pre-programmed, so it ensures almost absolute accuracy. At the same time, instead of people working in contact with toxic paint dust.

Working principle of industrial painting robot

As soon as the Paint Robot has the product specifications. They will take this as a signal to automatically proceed with the work. At this point, the plunger automatically pushes up until it hits the wall. The robot will automatically open the valve and start painting.

This robot works on a zigzag line. In addition, the robot is also installed by the inventors with a paint filter and a booster pump to spray paint with smoothness.

Benefits of spray paint robots

The application of modern industrial robots to the production of today’s industries brings a lot of breakthroughs as well as benefits. Among the outstanding benefits are:

Ensuring occupational health and safety

With the use of automatic powder coating lines, companies no longer have to worry about the health of workers working in hazardous environments when painting.

Increase quality and bring uniformity to products

Using machines – robots to replace humans will help businesses no longer depend on skilled workers, minimizing errors in the production process. Since then product quality is improved and product uniformity is ensured.

Reduce labor costs and increase investment efficiency

One working robot can be equivalent to 5 workers, thus helping businesses reduce labor costs significantly. Moreover, the investment in machinery and technology is a type of fixed asset, bringing high investment efficiency.

Enhance the competitiveness and position of the business

Enterprises with modern machinery and technology are highly competitive in terms of product quality, aiming for sustainable development and better grasping opportunities. is proud to be the leading prestigious unit in Vietnam providing technological solutions for automatic robots in modern industrial production industries such as robots: Painting robot, Welding robot, Polishing robot, Assembly robot,…


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