Palletizing Robot solution


Loading and unloading robots or Palletizing Robots are widely applied to smart factories in many different industrial production fields, making the loading and unloading of goods safe, flexible and saving time and money. fee.



Loading and unloading robots are widely applied in many industrial fields such as mechanics, electronics, logistics, food & beverage processing, automobile manufacturing,…


Tool to pick up box-shaped details
Tool to pick up details in the form of a bag
Tool to pick up bulk box-shaped details Multi-purpose pick-up tool: pallets, pads, products


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What is Palletizing Robot?

Palletizing Robot (or Loading Robot) is a semi-automatic or fully automatic solution that uses industrial robot arms to automatically load and unload goods onto pallets, conveyor belts, load goods into cartons or plastic crates, plastic boxes, or supply workpieces, assembly components for the following stages.

The Robot Palletizing system is composed of many auxiliary machines and advanced control systems to optimize the loading and unloading process in production.

Tool Robot options and system preferences

Tool Robot options:

  • Tool to pick up box-shaped details
  • Tool to pick up details in the form of a bag
  • Tool to pick up details in the form of a bulk box
  • Versatile picking tool: pallets, pads, products
    System Preferences:
  • Pallet feeding cluster: Automatically separate and supply pallets to the system.
  • Film wrapping machine: Protect goods from dust, steam, ensure product quality when storing.
  • Automatic strapping machine: Arranged at the output of the pallet to prevent jostling and fix the product on the pallet.
  • Cluster of pads: Suitable for packing products in the form of bottles and blocks.

Specification of Palletizing Robot

  • Automated loading and unloading of goods
  • Installation, flexible operation in the production space
  • Flexible replacement of parts, easy model switching to meet different running programs
  • Fixed working speed, predictable productivity for production planning
  • Working 24/7 with optimization in monitoring and operation
  • There are safety warning and fault warning functions to ensure the safety of machines and operators.
  • There are many types of robots suitable for different types of goods
  • The ability to load and unload bags and crates with a large tonnage of up to hundreds of kg

Benefits of using Robot Palletizing

  • Replace people doing heavy work with high load capacity
    Limiting risks, labor accidents, ensuring safety for goods and people
  • Increase productivity, improve quality and accuracy with continuous, automatic operation in all environmental conditions
  • Save cost, labor and time
  • Easily combined with industrial conveyor systems, smart warehouses
  • Easy to manage and monitor via integrated software

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