PCB/PCBA electronic components (plug-in)

PCB plug-in visual inspection

Traditional PCB component inspection relies on manual visual inspection. However, there are many solder joints and small parts on the PCB.


Manual inspection is labor-intensive, low in efficiency, and easily affected by individuals. The influence of these factors greatly limits the improvement of enterprise production efficiency and product quality.

Machine Vision Solution - PCB board components 

Reduces cost of PCB board component production and meets the production qualification rate of the company. 


  •  Intel hardware platform
    • supports Intel® Core processors, Intel® Xeon® processors, and AI accelerators
    • provides powerful computing power support for the solution.


Software system:

  • VisionBank intelligent vision system + Intel® industrial edge insight platform 
    • Builds data collection, transmission and processing channel
    • Meets traditional vision requirements of PCB board component detection, recognition, and positioning.
    • Combines powerful OpenVINO ™ tool suite
    • Grows enterprise production capacity and efficient processing.

Testing requirements and procedures

Inspection process is as follows: 

  1. With the product in place, the client device gives a trigger signal. 
  2. Industrial camera completes the image acquisition.
  3. Visual inspection system checks the contents of the inspection:
    • Mixing detection.
    • Component presence or absence detection 
    • Component positive and negative detection
    • Component color detection
    • Component direction detection 
    • Wire color detection, terminal seat color detection, terminal seat direction detection with efficient analysis and processing.
  4. OutputOK/NG result to the client’s designated terminal with the processed result. 

The overall test result diagram is as follows

Component placement Inspection

Whether components are tested

Positive and Negative Terminals Checking

Color detection

Component Direction Detection

Wire Color Detection

Terminal seat direction detection

Terminal block color detection

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