Robot Vision Guided Positioning System in Position Detection


VisionBank RVS robot intelligent vision system launched by VisionBank has functions such as multi-camera application positioning, dynamic positioning and grasping, posture adjustment and positioning. It can flexibly increase or decrease modules and corresponding functions according to needs.


It is equipped with powerful i5 and i7 processors and is compatible with 4 cameras at the same time, so that the debugging time is shorter and the development is more convenient.

The Solution

Multi-camera application positioning

The VisionBank RVS robot intelligent vision system has an exclusive positioning algorithm. The target pose is calculated by the multi-camera vision system to guide the robot movement and positioning. It only needs one detection and the positioning accuracy can reach 0.01mm.

The multi-camera application positioning in this system is mainly used in large-format and high-precision alignment projects, such as glass, liquid crystal bonding, AFC, FPC bonding, solar cell positioning before printing, printed circuit board frame alignment, etc.

The Solution

Multi-camera vision system

In the packaging box lamination detection, we deployed dual cameras to locate the diagonal corners of the packaging box, and used the center of the region as the feature point to determine the region of interest (ROI). 


The system passes through the image A series of image processing such as enhancement, image segmentation, feature extraction, template matching, etc. Then, accurately locating the pose of the packaging box, uses geometric calculations to calculate the position and rotation angle of the packaging box. This results in real-time, accurate, and non-contact measurement of the packaging box position.


After that, the system transmits the position offset of the packaging box to the SCARA manipulator, and the manipulator automatically grabs the packaging box and the box cover according to the data provided by VisionBank RVS to realize high-precision automatic cover box packaging.

Use Case: Packing box fitting positioning detection

Robot vision system software

The VisionBank RVS manipulator vision system is simple, stable and reliable. It can test different products by simply calling the engineering file named after the product, and ordinary operators can quickly get started; the system can directly interact with PLC and enter data to the PLC data storage area. This feature supports project customization to improve flexibility and automation of production in all aspects.

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