Vietnam's First Localization System.

Tvc Position is a Lidar-based positioning system for mobile robots, powered by Tvc sensor fusion technology. With centimeter accuracy, easy configuration, and confidence estimation, Tech LOC is the best performing localization platform for vehicle producers and operators.

problem statement

Challenges with current solutions


Traditional AGVs require additional infrastructure to operate which complicates the process when a change in trajectory occurs.


Traditional AGVs need routine maintenance pertaining to the infrastructure installed which could be quite costly over time. Localization systems on the market are also significantly more costly in comparison.

Hard to integrate

Localization systems on the market are challenging to integrate without available technical support on hand. These issues might cause a bottleneck in the integration process.

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Our Features


When first running your vehicle, our system builds a 2D Map of the environment. Our custom algorithms optimizes the map to allow users to easily locate your vehicle in the environment.


Able to localize your vehicle in an indoor environment to up to ± 1 cm/± 1°. The position data is provided via an API to allow users to control the AGV autonomously.


Users are able to use our software system via a web page. Software features include: Map visualization and creation,  as well as real time device monitoring.

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Meet with our experts
to evaluate your vehicle in preparation for integration. Our experts will advise the right hardware selection for your project requirements.



After the consultation process, we may kick off integrating our system with your AGV Fleet. We provide full integration support during this process.


Roll out


The final step is the industrial roll out of your AGV Fleet with cm precision accuracy working 24/7!

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