Solar panel visual inspection system


Traditional manual inspection methods for Solar Panels have low efficiency, high error rate, and large product loss. Therefore, it is imperative for non-contact visual inspection to replace manual inspection.

System Configuration

Solar panel visual inspection system

Vision software: SVPS solar panel vision inspection software


Vision hardware: Industrial LED light source, light source controller, EM series industrial camera, industrial fixed focus lens


Control hardware: Industrial computer, I/O card

The Solution

Detection Project

Detection Result


Edge chipping detection

The characteristics of solar panels are thin, brittle, easy to collapse or missing corners. The visual inspection system of solar panels extracts the outline of the solar panel and analyzes the outline of the image. It can automatically detect the edges and missing corners with a detection accuracy of 0.5mm. *0.5mm.

Surface Grime/Dirt

The stains and scratches on the back of the solar surface are mainly manifested in heterochromatic spots, fingerprints, dirt, scratches and cracks. The solar panel visual inspection system can automatically detect the above defects with a detection accuracy of 1mm.

White area of solar panel boards. 

Multiple groups of solar panels are connected in series by tin foil welding. The tin foil should cover the white welding band of the solar panel, but often due to the position of the tin foil is misaligned or broken, the white welding band is visible.. Our solution can be divided into areas. Automatic visual inspection of welding tape and tin foil to detect white area of the battery board.

Size Measurement

When multiple groups of cells are connected in a  series or in parallel, the solar panels are welded with a solder joint. Our solution can accurately calculate the distance from the solder joint to the edge. The testing accuracy is 0.2mm.

Software features

Solar panel visual inspection system

  1. How to ensure the detection speed?

The system uses four cameras for simultaneous online detection, the detection speed can reach 3pcs/s. After the product arrives at the inspection station, the size information and defect position of the inspection station can be output instantly.


  1. How to improve the quality of testing?

Using non-contact detection methods and the latest image processing technology, it can automatically identify product position and shape information, automatically perform high-precision measurement and detection, and automatically capture and detect, hence output detection results and size information, without being affected by external factors.


  1. How is the software’s able to identify defects?

Using self-developed detection algorithms, it can achieve a 99.5% recognition rate of defects such as whitening, chipping, dirt, and spots on the battery panel. It has high timeliness and can timely find quality issues and potential hidden dangers on the production site. By analyzing the inspection data and inspection pictures in the process, it is possible to evaluate whether the process is reasonable in real time, so as to facilitate the improvement and adjustment of the later process.


  1. Data statistics function

The measurement data and results are automatically saved, which is convenient for later traceability and archiving. At the same time, the detection system is equipped with statistical analysis functions, which can easily and simply complete the production of the detection report, real-time statistics of the qualification rate, the number of OK products, and the number of NG products, and the measurement data is used in electronic form, support online printing mode.

The solar panel visual inspection system relies on its advanced visual functions and excellent durability to help manufacturers in the global photovoltaic industry increase productivity, ensure product quality and reduce production costs. This system is the rare vision system on the market that can provide industry-level functional standards.

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