Telecentric Optical Lens

Is your inspection application challenging? Are applicable solutions too expensive?


Our telecentric optical lens series is your solution.


With a total of 8 series of double telecentric lenses, 2 series of single telecentric lenses paired with specially designed light sources, our solution is able to magnify inspected objects, capturing any form of defect.

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Telecentric optical lens

Our lens series.

Double Telecentric Series

8 series of Double Telecentric Lenses, complete with options from C interface with compact design; F interface, Ultra-High Resolution and dual interface for dual field of view. The options are endless to solve any challenging applications you might have.

Single Telecentric Series

Suitable for high-precision measurement with up to 1/1.8″ target surface measurements and compact design options Find out more about our single telecentric series by downloading our datasheet!

Telecentric Lighting

Telecentric Optical Lenses work best with the right light source. Maximize the performance of our telecentric lenses with the right light source, find out more through our datasheet!

Note: Final product appearance may differ from website, please consult our sales team for further information. 

Telecentric optical lens


Note: The appearance of the final product may be different from the image on the website, please contact the sales staff to get more information.

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