Amr robot stacks shelves

AMR/AGV stacking shelves

The application of AMR/AVG self-propelled robot to stack shelves in warehouses of businesses has become very popular and brings many benefits.



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What is an AGV/AMR self-propelled robot?

Since the 1950s, along with the development of technology, we have witnessed the birth of a new internal logistics system that is AGV and AMR (also known as self-propelled robot).

Shelf stacking AGV/AMR is also a kind of unmanned equipment that performs the function of transporting, taking goods from the shelves and loading goods on the shelves. The application of self-propelled robots that stack shelves brings a lot of benefits and optimizes production in the factory.

Benefits that AGV/AMR self-driving cars

The typical application in production automation is the investment in AGV/AMR. That investment brings significant benefits up to that:

Reduce labor costs

The work of transporting and arranging goods seems simple, but it takes a lot of labor, moreover, it is easy to make mistakes when working. Using just one AGV/AMR is equivalent to 3-4 employees, cutting costs of training, probation, health benefits, insurance,… Moreover, working tirelessly and without errors.

Increase investment efficiency

Investing in technology is always the right thing to bring about high investment efficiency for businesses. Using palletizing robots helps to increase labor productivity and improve quality in the production process.

Ensure accuracy and easily integrate with production management system

The robot works tirelessly and is exceptionally accurate. The use of robots in production is so easy to control that it can be more reliable than ever.

Robots AMR and AGV can be linked with management software, smart warehouse software, so that they can easily update and check the status of products in the warehouse.


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