Structure and outstanding features of Shelves stacker AGV

Today’s smart warehouses are indispensable for automated guided vehicles to ensure that the transportation process takes place continuously without human involvement. The application of robot stacking shelves in warehouses of businesses is increasingly popular because of the benefits it brings. 

So what are shelf stacker automated guided vehicles and how are they structured? Techvico will help you learn about this concept in the following article.

Find out the details of the structure of the Shelves stacker AGV

What is the Shelves stacker AGV?

Before going into learning about the structure AGV, let’s find out with what is an AGV that stacks shelves?

Shelves stacker AGV is an automatic goods transportation device in a smart factory or warehouse. The robot will take over the role of taking goods from the shelves and stacking them on the shelves. In addition, this type of robot also has an obstacle avoidance sensor and the ability to automatically charge, they operate correctly over and over again, saving time and labor.

Structure of robot stacking shelves

  • Height: can be customized from 1m up to 8m based on the needs and height of the warehouse.
  • Versatile lifting designs to handle different types of cargo
  • Flexible width technology: intelligently adapts to a variety of trays and bins of different sizes
  • Server software: makes it easy for operators to control the robot and inspect the goods.
  • Battery/charger


Outstanding features of Shelves stacker AGV

Automatic and intelligent operation

With the function of moving and operating automatically according to a pre-programmed program, the shelf stacker robot can automatically select, process and cargo handling, navigation and automatic charging. 

In addition, the stacker robot can also pick up goods in a wide range from 0.25m up to 8m. Each racking robot can store up to 8 shelves at a time and can be compatible with a variety of containers.

Fast and stable transportation

The stacker robot has a stable speed of up to 1.8 m/s even under load. This ensures that the shipping process takes place quickly and on schedule.

Wireless communication

The shelf stacker robot is supported by 5GHz band and Wi-Fi to ensure smooth, continuous operation during transportation. 

Absolute safety feature

The shelf stacker robot is equipped with sensors that help detect obstacles, active obstacle avoidance, anti-collision warning and emergency stop, which can guarantee 

Ideal solution

AGV can be specially adapted to meet different application scenarios in order to provide the most suitable solution. The height of the stacking robot is flexibly customized according to the height of the warehouse to achieve the best storage capacity. 


The above article of has given readers a better understanding of shelf stacker robots and their special advantages that will bring many benefits to businesses. For detailed advice on palletizing robots as well as other industrial automation solutions, please visit Techvico is currently a leading supplier of automation solutions, serving many different manufacturing industries, with a team of highly skilled engineers. 

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