The role of AGV trolley in smart factories

To operate a smart factory effectively, it is indispensable for equipment or robots with advanced technology to help perform jobs in the factory quickly and automatically. The transportation process is continuous and safe thanks to the AGVs, including the AGV trolley.

In the following article, let’s learn about the characteristics and role of lifting robots in smart factories with Techvico.

In which field is the AGV trolley used?

AGV trolley is an automated robot capable of lifting and moving goods in smart factories and warehouses. They can operate automatically according to a pre-programmed program correctly. 

Thanks to the function of automatic lifting of goods, accurate transportation based on sensors, AGV trolleys are often used in many fields such as the mechanical industry, automobile manufacturing, food processing, logistics,… 

Outstanding features of forklift robots

Flexible mobility

The AGV trolley can move automatically and flexibly in the production and logistics environment. Equipped with smart positioning sensors, lidar sensors and other sensors, the robot can avoid obstacles and transport goods to a pre-set destination accurately, avoiding cargo loss. 

Easy management via integrated software

Operators can easily set up maps for the AGV trolley and monitor their operations via the built-in MES or WMS management software. 

High productivity

The battery of the AGV trolley is supported by automatic charging, manual charging and can be quickly charged. Therefore, it does not take too much time and effort to recharge the robot for the next operation. 

The important role of AGV trolley in smart factories

Automated cargo transportation

The AGV trolley takes care of the transportation of goods and materials, including large tonnage goods in the production stages or in storage. 

Ensuring the safety of goods and workers

With the ability to automatically transport goods according to the program available with equipped sensors, the AGV trolley can intelligently operate, ensuring the safety of the goods. 

Moreover, the robot can operate in even harsh production environment conditions, helping to reduce heavy work load and improve the environment for workers. 

Improve productivity for the production process

AGV trolleys can work continuously and accurately for many hours, ensuring the transportation process takes place on schedule. Therefore, the production process will take place faster, helping to improve the productivity of the production process. 


Through’s article, readers can see that in addition to the automatic transport of goods in the production process, AGV trolleys also bring many other benefits to businesses. For more detailed information on robots and automated solutions in production, please visit Techvico is currently the leading supplier of industrial automation solutions in Vietnam, ready to meet the needs of customers with many modern applications. 

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