The role of automation in the industrial production process

The development of the technology era also means the birth of many inventions that make people’s lives more convenient. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises actively promote investment in advanced machinery and equipment to automate the production process, improve labor productivity while ensuring labor safety. So what is production automation and what benefits does it bring? Let Techvico dig deeper into this concept and its necessity.

What is production automation?

Production automation is the application of automatic control systems including components such as computers, industrial robots (robot arms, collaborative robot systems) to control machines into the industrial production processes. Equipment, machines or robots will partially or completely replace humans to perform production stages quickly, accurately and automatically. 

Production automation is widely applied in many different fields: manufacturing industry, mechanical processing, automatic assembly lines in the automobile, shipbuilding, food and beverage processing industries. and countless other industries. In Vietnam, the application of automation in the production process is being invested more strongly and scientifically.

The role of production process automation in the industry 

Production automation is the development trend of all elements of the manufacturing industry, thanks to its outstanding features it has played a major role for businesses in building and intelligently operating machines. 

Improve labor productivity 

Thanks to its seamless, non-stop operation while ensuring high accuracy, production robots can help maximize productivity for businesses. In addition, production robots can automatically handle goods that are too bulky or too small. From there the production process will become more efficient. 

Increase product quality

Automating the production process will help improve product quality. Robotic equipment and production lines will help the production process to happen automatically. Therefore, the quality of output products will be improved significantly and more evenly, avoiding errors. This also helps businesses create competitive advantages based on their products. 

Saving labor costs 

Applying production automation also means limiting human involvement in this process. This will help cut labor costs, helping businesses save maximum costs for employees. 

Ensuring absolute safety

With accurate and safe operation, automatic production robots will replace humans to do heavy jobs, in hazardous environmental conditions. Thereby helping to reduce risks and accidents significantly. Moreover, automation of production also helps to ensure maximum safety for goods and materials.

Thanks to technologically advanced equipment, the production process has become easier and more flexible than ever. Through the above article, hopefully has helped readers understand more about the concept as well as understand the role of automation in the production process. 

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