The types of picking robots that should be invested

In order to optimize and improve the productivity of the production process, more and more smart factories are applying robots in a variety of fields. Using pick-up robots in automatic production lines meets the essential needs of businesses. 

What is a Picking Robot?

Robot Pick is an automated solution transportingparts or products to different stages in the production process by robotic arms.

Picking and placing products is repeated in stages, so it is not necessary to use labor to do this, so manufacturing plants have used product grabbers that are operated according to the program available. 

These product grabbers are applied in a variety of different fields, such as: food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, medical, electrical – electronics, building materials,… 

Typical types of pick robots are worth investing in

To find the right picker robot for your factory, you must first determine the purpose of use and the method of operation. Here are some typical types of robotic grippers.

Vacuum grippers 

Vacuum grippers use the difference between air pressure and vacuum to lift, hold, and move objects. Specifically, a vacuum is created with a mini electromechanical pump or a pneumatically powered pump and maintained so that the gripper can securely hold the object it is picking up. 

These vacuum grabbers are used to automate a variety of tasks, most commonly packing and loading/unloading pallets.

Pneumatic grippers 

Pneumatic grippers use compressed air and pistons to activate a set of ‘jaws’ (usually 2-finger and 3-finger), pneumatic grips offer flexible maneuverability in a variety of applications . They are quite cheap, have a large gripping force, and can operate flexibly in narrow spaces. 

Hydraulic grippers

They operate based on hydraulic fluid, have a much larger capacity than the above grips, suitable for heavy items. However, their maintenance costs are quite expensive. These grips are commonly used in the medical field. 

Electric grippers 

Electric grippers have a configuration of 2 or 3 jaws, with a smaller capacity than the grips mentioned above. However, they are very suitable for applications requiring high speed and light gripping force. Therefore, this product gripper is commonly used by cobots in machine care and picking & mounting applications. 

Applications of Picking Robots in Industrial Production

Assembly Stage

In the assembly process, the Robot will use the product hand to pick up parts and parts from this conveyor and place them on other processing parts. After finishing, the picker robot moves the finished product to other stages, and so on.

Packing process 

Similar to the assembly process, instead of picking up parts, Robot Pick will pick up products and place them in containers. 

Box selection process 

Thanks to its high-tech sensing capabilities, the robot can take parts and products out of the box even if there are many products in the box, then place them on the conveyor to perform other tasks in the next stage.

Inspection stage

Thanks to the integration of the product inspection system (Vision system), the Picking Robot has the ability to monitor products on the conveyor belt, detect and remove defective products. 

Through the types of gripping robots and their applications introduced above, wants readers to have a clearer view of gripping robots. For advice on selection and installation of picking robots for smart factories, please visit Techvico is currently a supplier of industrial automation solutions with modern technology and a team of professional and experienced engineers, ready to meet all customer needs. 

Thanks for reading!

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