vertical lift module vlm

vertical lift module vlm

VLM-13 VLM-12 VLM-11

Vertical Lift Module

Automation in areas that are becoming increasingly popular is in manufacturing and storage. Using VLM smart warehouse is an optimal solution to both save space and bring efficiency in goods storage for businesses



Electronic components industry, medical equipment, e-commerce, distribution center, postal,…


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What is VLM?

VLM (Vertical Lift Module) smart warehouse is an automatic goods storage system that makes full use of the height of the warehouse ceiling, helping to save storage space and improve extraction efficiency.

Application of VLM smart warehouse in industries

Due to its high efficiency in goods storage, VLM smart warehouse is widely applied in many different industries.

  • Automotive – motorcycle manufacturing industry: Storage of assembly parts, equipment, electronic accessories,… 
  • Mechanical engineering and supporting industries: Storage of goods, finished products, tools, supplies, spare parts, molds, equipment, processing details
  • Electrical and electronic manufacturing industry: Storage of electronic components, accessories, circuit boards, chips,… 
  • Garment industry: Roll storage fabrics, raw materials such as buttons, threads, zippers, accessories, spare parts and machinery,…
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical equipment industry: Storage of raw materials, finished products, equipment and medical supplies and
  • Logistics and e-commerce industry: The ideal storage center combines product and goods sorting lines with selection conveyors.

Benefits of using VLM smart warehouse in storage

  • Save warehouse space with the ability to take full advantage of the storage height (up to 10m) and the storage tray can load goods up to 350kg.
  • Increase accuracy in the process of importing and exporting goods in the warehouse
  • Easy access to goods in the warehouse with integration with the ERP system  
  • Intuitive and simple interface for easy operation
  • Ensure safety and security for goods
  • Creating an automatic and safe working environment for employees

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