Visual inspection of disc parts

In the field of industrial manufacturing, the detection of parts is very important. A small part production quality problem may cause the overall performance of the entire equipment and even affect the overall safety. The project case mainly detects whether there is a thread in the center of the disc and detects the characters.

1. Understand customer product testing needs and usage scenarios

  • Customer’s field of vision φ150
  • Adjustable shooting distance

  • Detection speed: static detection

  • Item type: thread detection, character detection

2. Evaluate and formulate feasibility plan product introduction

Feature: Disc thread detection and Disc character recognition.


Character recognition needs to be solved:

1. Character recognition – identify character content,

-> use string comparison function to determine character content consistency.

2. Can also be detected after the product position changes.

Disk character detection

Whether the disc thread is detected.

The difference between threaded and unthreaded is about 10 pixels. 

It can be judged by detecting the diameter of the circle.

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