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We work with experienced consultants in the field to provide you an analysis of your current facility workflow and strategies you could integrate to optimize performance based on your business needs.


Our team of professional engineers will design the system architecture for your facility to visualize the transformation and improvements that shall be implemented.


Our purchasing department have a broad knowledge of suitable suppliers, which we will recommend based on performance and cost effectiveness to maximize customers ROI.


We work with professional teams of technicians to install and integrate the automation systems in your facility. Our senior project managers ensures safety and standard quality measures are met.

After Service

We provide training services to your facility members to ensure a smooth integration process.

Our service engineers will follow up routinely to keep your facility in the best shape.

An overview

Levels of Warehouse Automation

Two main areas can be automated: decision making (task allocation to different operators, which pick routes to follow, etc.) and the transportation of goods between warehouse zones. Both form crucial parts of defining an automated warehouse. 

Warehouse automation is not a one size fits all solution and depending on your current business needs, there are a range of products and solutions that you could introduce to your facility which could be scaled up progressively as your business grows. 

An overview

Products & Solutions

We offer a range or products and solutions that could optimize your warehouse workflow from digital automation solutions 

to physical automation solutions. We work with the best suppliers and partners across the world to provide top notch quality and service. 



Warehouse management software helps control and track inventory, manage warehouse operations, reduce manual labor and improve customer service. WMS can be integrated with your ERP systems for a end to end solution.


AMRs are intelligent transport robots that can automate the transport of goods, significantly reducing inefficient downtime allowing warehouse personnels to focus on value added tasks instead.

Drive in

Drive in racking allows pallets to slide backwards on a rail, optimizing product storage and increases space efficiency.

Vertical Lift Module

Enclosed shelf based storage system increases capacity in a compact area. Able to integrate with WMS to facilitate product retrieving further increasing picking convenience.


Automated storage and retrieval systems deposits and retrieves products automatically reducing labor, increasing product throughput, and optimizing warehouse space usage.

Conveyor systems

20 different types of conveyor systems can be selected depending on your facility operations. Consult with our professionals to understand which fits your needs best.

Pallet Shuttle​

Pallet shuttle systems utilize electric shuttles to load or unload pallets, significantly reducing labor need, maximizing product throughput and space usage.

Picking Solutions

A wide range of picking solutions from Pick to light, Voice picking, Mobile scanner picking solutions to suit your warehouse needs.


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