Warehouse Management System WMS

Warehouse Management System WMS

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Warehouse Management System WMS

Warehouse Management System – WMS is a software that helps businesses optimize in checking goods in the warehouse, helping to use time and cost more effectively.



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Understanding Warehouse Management System (WMS)

What is a Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an application software that helps businesses manage goods (raw materials) from the time they are entered into the warehouse until they are released from the warehouse. 

What does a warehouse management system do?

Using the WMS to ensure goods and materials are in the warehouse, moving in the warehouse in the most efficient, easy to control and cost-effective manner. The above management software helps businesses to track inventory, orders, sales and deliveries.

Benefits of using WMS

Firstly, the WMS follows the rules, providing the most accurate information about available stock, as well as tools to track movement. This is achieved mainly through the synthesis of two mechanisms – address storage and statistics.

Second, the obvious advantage that WMS offers is warehouse automation. It can help reduce the work of employees in the warehouse, thereby reducing labor costs and increasing investment efficiency.

Third, allocate the location of goods in the warehouse to make the most optimal use of available space. Thanks to the WMS it is possible to simulate the position of the objects and calculate the optimal position based on the height, width, length, mass of the cargo (material). Different from human’s way of doing is only “judgement, preliminary estimate”.

Fourth, WMS with systems that calculate optimal routes of the respective machines involved in the loading and distribution of goods, distributes the load on each type of unit. Thereby, reducing depreciation costs, saving fuel and electricity.


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