What are the common types of towing robots?

In order to optimize automation in the production and logistics process, AMR/AGV are widely used to transport goods flexibly and safely. For goods with a large tonnage, towing robots are used to assist in the transportation process. 

So what is a towing robot and what types do they include? Find out with Techvico in the article below.

Understanding the details of a towing robot 

A towing robot or a towing AGV is a means of transporting goods such as finished products, raw materials,… automatically and flexibly within the factory. They perform the job of pulling boxes and trays of goods automatically according to a pre-programmed path. 

Goods are loaded onto another movable but non-motorized device and the towing robot hooks onto that device and pulls it away. Cargo equipment has the ability to connect to each other into wagons to transport many goods. 

With the ability to transport goods with a heavier tonnage than other AGVs, towing AGVs are widely used in the process of transporting goods between stages of many fields such as automobile manufacturing, mechanical industry,… They can transport containers, sacks in the food processing industry, garment industry,… or chassis, spare parts in motor vehicle assembly.

What are the types of towing robots?

Depending on the properties of the goods and the weight, the towing robot has many different types with different pulling power to meet the needs of businesses. 

  • AGV from 1.5 to 2 tons, with a capacity of 3300 – 4400 lbs, compact in size, capable of operating in automatic mode. Top speed is 60 m/min (195 ft/min – 1570 inch/min).
  • AGVs from 2 to 5 tons, with capacities from 4400 to 11000 lbs., are designed for automatic or semi-automatic operation. 
  • AGVs from 5 to 20 tons, with capacities of 11000 – 40000 lbs, are produced from larger tractors. These AGVs can be used outdoors and have speeds up to 240 m/min (12 km/h – 780 ft/min). 

Why should manufacturers invest in robot towing goods in industrial production?

Cost savings 

With the ability to transport even large tonnage goods of different sizes automatically, AGV pulls goods to help businesses save maximum labor costs.

Safety assurance

The towing AGV is equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles and is capable of operating precisely according to the preset program. Therefore, AGV towing can limit errors during transportation, ensuring the safety of goods. In addition, the towing AGV can operate flexibly even in harsh environments. This also contributes to improving the working environment for people in the production area. 

Improving labor productivity

AGV towing can operate continuously with high accuracy and speed, helping the transportation process to be on schedule without any loss of goods. 

To meet the transportation needs of factories, Techvico will provide your business with the best solutions for automation in production and logistics.

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