Why should manufacturers invest in autonomous AGV sorting?

Automation is a necessity of the modern manufacturing process. In order to meet the different needs and increase the productivity of the factory, various types of AGVs were born, including AGV sorting. 

So what is AGV sorting and why does the factory need to invest in AGV sorting? Find out with Techvico in the following article.

AGV Sorting used in which field?

AGV sorting is a type of robot without a driver, taking care of transporting and sorting goods in production areas or smart warehouses. 

AGV sorting is the necessary equipment to create an efficient automatic Fulfillment warehouse with many features such as flexible and fast operation, ensuring the safety of goods. AGV sorting is most widely used in express delivery, e-commerce,… 

Why should businesses invest in AGV sorting?

Labor cost savings

The use of robots to replace humans in the process of transporting and arranging goods can save a lot of labor costs.

AGV sorting can work continuously for many hours, helping to ensure timely progress, solving labor shortage problems and difficulties in human resource management. 

Guaranteed Safety

With accurate, automatic operation, AGV sorting can replace humans doing heavy work. Thereby, limiting occupational accidents, ensuring safety for workers and goods in the workshop.  

Flexible operation

The number of AGVs can be increased or decreased in accordance with the development of the business. Enterprises who want to increase the number of AGVs during transportation just need to add to the system and can operate immediately. Therefore, AGVs can operate individually and support each other.

Smart Sorting and Handling

AGV is capable of automatic sorting, intelligently sorting goods and with almost no error.

Easy management

The use of AGV can be integrated with smart warehouse or factory management software such as MES or WMS, from which companies can easily monitor the status of products, optimize getting a job in the warehouse.


Thus, to have an effective Automated Fulfillment warehouse, investing in AGV/AMR sorting is essential. In order to meet the needs of businesses, Techvico is currently a unit specializing in providing classified AMR/AVG and total technology solutions in Vietnam. 


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